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Some of our state-of-the-art devices for your best quality and pain-free treatment

Our clinic is constantly improving and widening the range of equipment that makes dental procedures more pleasant – or at least more tolerable for patients. Please read this selection of our special machines and devices; all of them represent latest innovation and technology.

Comfort Control Syringe

comfort_control_syringeIn the dental surgery most people are worried about the needle and the injection more than anything else and this is absolutely reasonable: the injection is the only thing you feel; after that your mouth gets absolutely numb. There are certain products that make injections less unpleasant, like anaesthetic gels, which the dentist applies on your gum to freeze it, but still you feel the needle and the pressing flow of anaesthetic material into the tissue… but this may also be the past.

The latest comfort control electronic syringe has a very tiny needle, much smaller than normal syringes and provides a flow of anaesthetic ahead of the needle – so that you can hardly feel it at all. When the needle is in it provides a slow and steady flow of anaesthesia into the tissue, which is absolutely pain-free, allows the dentist to set a constant level of anaesthesia and keep a continuous control over it.

So instead of having a normal needle and a large amount of anaesthetic material in one go, you will get the injection with a much smaller needle and over a long period of time. Once you have experienced this new type of injection you will be even more relaxed at the dental visits.

Ozone DTA

ozonterapias_keszulekOzone therapy is widely used in medicine, and although there are questions about its efficiency in certain diseases and symptoms it is generally accepted that it increases oxygen delivery to cells, tissues, and organs, increases blood circulation and helps sterilizing and healing external wounds. We have very good experiences with it in dental care; it is beneficial to root extractions, any type of oral infections and gum healing. It eliminates bacteria and viruses in a pain-free way and supports the patients’ immune system.
Our state-of-the-art ozone equipment was specially designed for use in dental care, therefore its head is able to reach all areas in the mouth.

Monitex Br800


BR-800 whitening machine uses the latest LED technology – integrates 4 Blue & 1 Red lights emission to a wider spectrum for the best result. Translucent bleaching gel is applied to your teeth and the laser light is used to activate the crystals to absorb the energy from the light and penetrate the teeth enamel to increase the lightening effect on your teeth. The procedure is repeated 3 times for the best possible result; normally one whitening session significantly improves the aesthetics of your smile.


Laser therapy

We use the latest laser technology for treating different types of oral and gum infection; periodontal problems. Its main benefits are that it helps sterilization, decreases inflammation, reduces bleeding and makes healing faster.
Laser therapy is absolutely pain-free; the dentist uses the laser machine specially designed for dental care to light the problematic areas in the mouth. At the same time a disinfectant gel is applied to make the process more efficient.

Apex Locator

apex_lokatorThe three words: “root canal filling” still terrify many people bringing very bad experiences back from the past; some patients have told us horror stories about this procedure from 20-30 years ago. Those days dentists had no equipment to locate the position of the nerves exactly but now we have a special apex locator that provides the dentist all the information they need during the procedure. The machine works with an accuracy rate of 97.5%, so the root canal procedure can be performed with an extremely high success rate for our patients’ best safety.