1. serviceWe invest in supplying free check-ups and consultations, including some other services (depending how much needs to be done) and a quotation as we are confident that you will decide to choose to use our competitive high quality services after your commercial comparison.
  2. Our Qualified associated surgeons and their staff are fully covered by the necessary insurances, high-quality, affordable cosmetic and dental treatment in London and Budapest.
  3. Once decide to do the work abroad, you will meet the same agent and the dentist, who did your check-up.
  4. Our agent will supply a personal tour of Budapest along with the transfer to and from the airport and the medical centre/dentist while you enjoy the sites.
  5. Our agent has a wide range of hotels to cater to your varied need depending on your medical and holiday requirements. They are happy to book on your behalf or supply details.
  6. Our agent will assist by providing you with a mobile phone upon arrival to allow you to call them directly at any time (24hrs)for any reason.
  7. Advice and holiday information is provided to fit around your medical requirements.