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A Letter from Jackie about her Dental Experience

Hello Andrea,

Thank you seems such small words to use when my new teeth look so lovely but THANK YOU to you and the team at Perfect Smile. Perfect is the right word.

As you are now no doubt aware, I was a very fearful, nervous and worried patient. This mainly stems from having grey second teeth as a child and having crowns fitted at 16, only to have two replaced at 17, in the wrong colour, after a car accident.

However, I now know fear, nervousness and worry should have not even have crossed my mind!

Steve had done his research but having gone through the process previously I was not looking forward to my ‘holiday’ and as Steve had already confirmed his seat in the chair, it was me who was having the assessment on arrival.

So on Saturday, 4th January 2014 we flew from Stanstead to Budapest and arrived in Budapest at around lunchtime. George was there as planned welcoming us to Hungary and we made our way to the hotel – Boscolo Hotel in Pest. We had rented one of their ‘apartments’ for the week which had a kitchen and lounge area as we wanted to be sure we had space and freedom to relax as necessary. Wow, what a place, they describe their ‘cafe’ as ‘the most beautiful café in the world’ and it is!

On Sunday afternoon, we were in the dentist chair side by side! Dr Tamas introduced himself and announced ‘showtime’! My crowns were removed and a further three were recommended (and this was exactly right), the only reason I wanted to only replace the existing crowns was to get the process over as quickly as possible but my teeth would not have looked complete! Steve also had other recommendations and some non recommendations! i.e. his dentist said he would need his wisdom teeth removed which was not required! With temporary crowns in place we were finished and went out to dinner!

Monday, we were back in the surgery. Steve had his lower set of teeth filed and temporary crowns fitted and I had some fillings to replaced the old amalgam ones. On completion we went back to the hotel, sightseeing and then to dinner!

Tuesday was ‘dentist free’ and then we were back in the chair on Wednesday. Oh no, it’s implant day! I was nearly running for the door. Steve went first as promised and then it was then my turn. With nerves jangling I was in the chair. Dr Tamas put me at ease and confirmed ‘Madam – it is 12.43 but it is not a race’. He then proceeded to drill the implant into my upper jaw and tighten it with which can only be described as a ratchet spanner! On completion, he announced, ‘Madam, it is 12.47, we have finished’ . The only shock was the speed of completion and the lack of pain!

Wednesday evening was spent in the apartment as we required a little rest but still managed to have hot chicken and veg – no soup for us!

Thursday was more fillings for both Steve and I and then a visit to the Technical Centre to ensure the right colour match. I was so nervous as I was so concerned that I would end up with grey teeth but the professionals knew! We then went out for dinner!

Friday was fitting day. Steve had his fitted first. They looked great. I was concerned as I thought they may look false. Again I should not have worried, colour, size and shape all looked completely natural. Now it was my turn. Mine had a slight fitting issue but within 3 hours I had a new set in front of me ready to be fully fitted. WOW is all that I can say. They are absolutely lovely, colour, size, shape all looked completely natural!

Thank you, I love my new teeth. All perfect and I can honestly say I did not take one painkiller the whole week!

I will recommend you to anyone.

Many thanks to you all, the co-ordination, the transport, the kindness, the care and your English!

Please feel free to use this how you wish and please get anyone to contact me as needs be